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Provo Storage Unit Clean Out

Storage units are big business in the US. According to one recent survey, there are more than 48,500 storage facilities in the US alone, which is over three times the number of McDonald’s locations. Most of those facilities are at or near capacity.

Whether you’re moving out of your storage unit for good or just moving to another unit of a different size, UV Junk Removal can help.

When the time comes to move your items out of a storage unit, you’re almost certainly going to come across some items you don’t want or need anymore. Most storage facilities will not allow you to use their dumpsters to empty all your unwanted items.

So what do you do with those things now?

If you’ve only got a few small items, you can certainly haul them home and deal with them yourself. However, if you’ve got too much stuff to haul, give us a call or email us.

We can make cleaning out a storage unit easy and quick! We can also help with other unwanted items, like household junk and even hot tubs. Call or email today for a quick and free estimate.

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