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Landscaping and Yard Waste

Landscaping and gardening can be rough on your back. Sometimes it takes up most or all of a weekend too. When you’re finally finished with the job, you’ve still got a pile of garbage or landscaping waste that needs to be taken care of.

Small amounts of debris can certainly be taken to the curb with the weekly trash; however, some municipalities don’t take large branches, garden bricks, pavers, or more than 5 bags of trash. So what do you do with all that landscaping trash? Call us!

Once you’re done with your next project, let UV Junk Removal help take out the trash.

We’ll do our best to recycle any items you no longer need. Branches and sticks can usually be recycled into mulch at most local landfills, and grasses and weeds can be composted into rich planting soils.

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