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Junk Furniture in Provo and the Surrounding Areas

Furniture removal can be tough. However, considering how much time we all spend in bed on average, upgrading your old mattress may not be a hard decision. Poor sleep results in a reduction in productivity, can cause depression and even affect your health. Studies show that sleep loss and poor quality sleep lead to accidents and injuries on the job.

And getting a new couch, sofa or sectional can be really exciting. When that new bed or sofa finally arrives, what do you with the old one?

Utah Valley Junk Removal can help with all of your junk pick up needs including old mattresses or sofas quickly and efficiently.

Give us a call and schedule your furniture removal service today. We’ll remove the old furniture without damaging your walls and doors. We’ll recycle your old mattress or sofa too, if possible, so you don’t feel bad about it taking up space in the landfill.

How to Dispose of Old Mattresses or Couches

Getting a mattress or couch out the door can be a pain, and some municipalities won’t take large furniture on their regular routes. So what can you do with these items? Here’s a list with some ideas:

  • Donate the mattress or furniture to a charity or goodwill store
  • Some new mattress deliveries will take the old one with them
  • Selling it online using a local site like NextDoor or Craigslist
  • Give your furniture away to neighbors or friends
  • Hiring a junk removal company, like Utah Valley Junk Removal

If you don’t feel like tackling your next furniture removal project this large on your own, call Utah Valley Junk Removal today. We’re the junk pick up experts in Pleasant View, Lakeview, Curtis, Lincoln, Orem, Geneva, Springville, Vineyard, Spanish Fork, Lindon, and the surrounding communities.  We’ll make quick work of your mattress or furniture, saving you time and energy in the process. We can take bookcases, desks, sectional and futon sofas, tables and chairs, filing cabinets, mini-bars, hall trees, nightstands, benches and more.

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