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Trash and garbage have a way of building up in and around a home. It can be easy to miss the weekly garbage truck, and it can be even easier in today’s same-day-delivery world to clutter up a garage or extra room with redundant and broken items that we don’t need anymore.

A recent US Department of Energy study has reported that 25% of Americans with 2-car garages don’t have room to park their cars in them. And 32% only have room for one car. Additionally, the US purchases roughly 40% of the world’s toys each year but only has roughly 3% of the children. That’s a lot of stuff!

So where do you turn when household items are taking over your home or garage? can help!

We make getting organized easy with our fast, efficient and affordable service. Our friendly team can take a messy garage and turn it back into a clean slate. Plus, you can feel good when you hire Utah Valley Junk because we recycle or donate anything and everything we can. Take back your spare room and park your car in the garage tonight!

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