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What is Electronic Waste?

Electronic Waste, or E-Waste (also sometimes known as e-scrap and end-of-life electronics), is basically any electronic device or gadget that doesn’t work anymore or has become obsolete. This can include old TV’s, computer monitors, VCRs, DVD players, copy and fax machines, tablets, computers, and cell phones. These items are perfectly safe to use in your home, but when it’s time to dispose of them, it’s a different story.


These items often contain chemicals like cadmium, barium, mercury, arsenic, and chromium. Needless to say, throwing them into a landfill is not ideal or legal in most areas.

Although it may or may not be illegal in your area to just throw E-Waste out with the regular garbage, it can be harmful to the environment regardless. Once buried, E-Waste can leach toxic chemicals (like those listed above) into the surrounding garbage. These chemicals will eventually make their way into the soil.

The EPA has an excellent site that contains more information about E-waste and how to deal with the growing issue. They also have links to regulations, initiatives and research, certified e-waste recycling facilities and assessment tools.

So what’s the responsible thing to do with your old computers, monitors, TV’s and other electronics?

UV Junk Removal can help. Call us today and we’ll come out to your home or business, collect your E-waste items and make sure they’re taken to the proper facility for recycling or repurposing. We can also help with yard wastefurniture and appliances!

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