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Junk Removal Utah County

Life gets busy, and sometimes it gets messy too. Let UV Junk Removal help clear your clutter and to-do list. If you’re searching for “junk removal near me”, you’ve come to the right place. We’re experts at junk hauling, including old furniture, old appliances, outdated electronics, mattresses, bed frames, yard waste, trash, and anything else that you’ve got. We’re the right crew to assist with both small and large jobs alike. Clean out your attic, basement, garage, backyard, or storage unit today and reclaim your space!

If you’re in need of a structural demolition crew in the Wellington, NZ area, reach out to our partner, house demolition Wellington.

Call today for a free estimate, or use the form and we’ll call you back! 

Couch Removal Service

When you move, have new furniture delivered, or have broken and worn out old furniture that needs disposal, we’re here to help. From tables and chairs to sofas, bookcases, armoires, hutches, boxsprings and mattresses. We can haul it all. In some cases we can even donate your gently used items to local shelters or recycle some of the components. Give us a call and let us doing the heavy lifting.

A good idea is to upgrade to a new mattress, especially if you spend about one-third of your day in bed. A worn-out or faulty mattress can lead to back pain and insomnia. How do you get rid of an old mattress once you have bought a new one? Many homes have old, dusty mattresses that take up valuable space in their basements or attics.

Utah Valley Junk offers a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of your mattress. Our experienced mattress removal team can remove your mattress and bed frame safely without causing any damage to your home. We will do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have the burden of hauling it out to the curb or being a nuisance to your neighbors. We will also ensure that your mattress or bed is properly disposed at a recycling facility, so it doesn’t harm the environment.

You are looking to replace or modify an antique piece of furniture, but lack the time or labor. It can be difficult to remove or dispose of furniture. You should learn how to safely remove heavy furniture from your home without damaging it.

You can’t place certain furniture items on the curb in many localities. They are not allowed to be placed on the streets for pick up.

It can be difficult to decide what to do about old, unneeded furniture. Our Utah Valley Junk Removal professionals will take care of the rest.

Storage Clean Out

Storage Units are great for keeping all your items that might not fit in the house. But when it’s time to move out or change units, sometimes it can be overwhelming. What are you suppose to do with all the leftover items? Call UV Junk and we’ll finish the job for you. 

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs and spas are amazing and offer health benefits and year-round relaxation, but when your hot tub gets old and isn’t worth repairing anymore, what do you do with it? In some cases, Utah Valley Junk Removal can take your old hot tub or spa and, we may be able to recycle some portions of it. Click here to learn more about our hot tub removal service and how we can help.

Yard Waste

​Landscaping and gardening can be hard on your back. When you’re finally finished with your next big project, call us here at UV Junk to make quick work of that pile of branches, lawn clippings or extra paver stones. We’re here to help and ready to go!

Old Appliance Removal

​Fridges, washers and dryers, ovens, and ranges all have limited lifespans, and when they finally break down or get replaced, you’re left with a large and heavy hunk of metal that isn’t easy to move. Call the junk removal experts at UV Junk, and we’ll come pick up your old appliances. We make it a habit of serving those clients that are searching for junk haulers near me, and we pride ourselves on not only our fast, friendly, and efficient service, but also our eco-friendly recycling and donation programs.

E Waste Removal

​Electronic waste, or e-waste for short, can be toxic and shouldn’t be thrown away in the regular trash. With today’s fast moving pace, we collect more and more electronic gadgets and devices than ever. When older items break or become obsolete, call UV Junk to schedule a pick-up because we can help. We’ll make sure your e-waste items get to the right recycling centers so they stay out of our landfills.

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